Heavy lifting

A wide range of specialist lifting operation can be undertaken reliably and efficiently using High Power Jacks.

The jacks may also be employed in the controlled lowering of Heavy objects with the same degree of accuracy as is achieved in Lifting.

Today’s civil engineering structures and industrial plants are often assembled from large, heavy prefabricated components. This construction time. For projects in which cranes or other conventional Handling equipment cannot be used because of excessive weight, Dimensions or space limitations, High Power Heavy Lifting will often provide the most effective solution. High Power Heavy Lifting provides builders engineers and owners with a Broad range of advantages, including:

• Custom – designed solutions for each project.
• The highest level of safety based upon sound engineering and over two decades of experience.
• Economy and efficiency through the use of advanced and reliable hydraulic equipment.
• High Power will plan Lifting, Lowering and Skidding operations and design the Necessary temporary structures to suit.
• The safety of personnel and components is High Power first priority. Our Specialized hydraulic lifting equipment is designed for the highest level of reliability and all equipment is rigorously tested and serviced through High Power quality control and maintenance program.